Why Us

Why Should You Choose i5 Group?

  • Full Service Digital

    We are digital experts but built on traditional values and all under one roof. This allows us to have total ownership of your project through a single point of contact.

    By ensuring that we deliver tighter integration among each component ensures superior quality and timely delivery.

  • Culture of Innovation

    We innovate everyday!

    A culture of challenging the status quo means we develop innovative solutions to solve your business problems thus ensure that our clients outsmart their competitors.

  • Born Digital

    Digital is in our veins. We were born digital rather than morphed into a digital company. We live a digital life and therefore digital comes naturally to us!

  • Enterprise Grade

    We have a successful track record of delivering mission critical, scalable, digital innovation for global enterprise style business, but also for smaller SME style businesses.

  • Technology Leadership

    By understanding technology we are able to deliver innovative work that ultimately will disrupt the market.

    Our very own academy enables our teams to be creative, in fact it’s a breeding ground for user-case technology.

  • Flexibility

    We develop true partnerships with our clients in order to provide solid value. We do this by ensuring that we are flexible in our approach to everything.

    We understand that all aspects of engagement and delivery must be customer-centric in order to deliver flexibility that works for you.

  • Agile by Design

    It’s difficult to turn an ocean-going liner! Our unique flat organisational structure ensures we deliver service like a power boat!

    Our DNA has agility written wright through it, we are the small BIG company and have therefore retained our agility through our unique company culture.

  • Age Integration of technology, marketing and innovation

    We are experts in this joined up process. No matter if it is your on or off-line marketing or the software your company operates from. Everything must be integrated in order to truly deliver results.

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