Millennials Emerging As Corporate Leaders: Is Your Organisation Ready?

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We first started seeing Millennials arrive in the workplace a decade ago. Those fresh-faced starters now have some mileage under their belts and starting to progress into leadership and management positions.

There are a number of different research points, but on the whole, the average age for stepping up to a management position is 30. Another 12 years see managers engaging in leadership training, with the average being 42.

Of course, those ten+ years in management needs to be filled with experience rich training, in order to prepare our future leaders. Unfortunately, there is a trend to forgo such a phased development path. Waiting a decade to start the ‘Leadership Training’ can have a number of negatives for both the aspiring leader and the organisation.

Why Millennials Are Ready To Fly The Management Nest.

They’ve Gained Their Flight Feathers. They have been on the commercial scene for a decade or more, gaining valuable experience. They are ready to progress to the next phase of their professional life.

The Largest Flock. As of 2017, Millennials have become the largest generational cohort, representing the most significant workforce profile. As natural evolution occurs we are seeing the older generations vacate positions for the green fields of retirement or to climb even higher.

Confidence In Flying Further Autonomously. As a cohort, Millennials are generally confident in their skills and ability. This is very much a trait as a result of their developing profile. Such confidence is an ideal characteristic to take control and command bigger teams and absorb responsibility. This is driving the need for workplace autonomy and supporting systems. Such autonomy overcomes much of the complexities surrounding the requirement for Millennial workers; including their relationship with their supervisors, what they require from their peers and how they engage with their boss.

How Are Millennials Influencing Change?

Driven by feedback– Millennials report that they crave feedback but yet only less than a fifth report receipt of regular feedback. Ironically, despite the confidence of this cohort, they are unlikely to ask for it. Of course, in the years to come, we will undoubtedly see the focus on the importance for feedback follow our Millennials into senior positions, where they will have the ability to institute a powerful system.

Rapid Adopters of Tech. Millennials have matured with technology and as such are much more enthused and adaptable to the emergence of new technologies. This will undoubtedly result in the deployment of more platforms within the corporate environment. The key here is Agility and Speed. By their very nature, Millennials are champions of ‘Zero-Day’, an expectation for reduced time to completion. This is where i5’s ‘Low-Code’ solutions allow for prototypes to be deployed within days rather than the historic lengthy development cycles.

Not 9-5. Flexibility is the key for productivity, according to almost 80% of millennials surveyed. This mantra will be carried through as we see our millennials move into senior leadership. It is likely that we will see an increase on customisable hours, remote working and workplace flexibility.

Having a robust platform to maximise team collaboration will be the key for driving this emerging trend successfully. Consider the i5 CoLab platform.

Change Will Be Rquired Again Soon..

The Millenniall cohorts are being pursued by Generation ‘Z’. This generation has their own distinct profile and traits, which will again require agility in maximizing efficiencies of this emerging workforce.

Over the past ten years, i5 have had experience in delivering agile software and digital solutions, focusing on user trends and engagement traits.
This focus has resulted in the development of a number of platforms to maximize outcomes. One such platform which has proved it’s worth time and time again, is the i5 CoLab.

The i5 CoLab is an agile ‘low-code’ engagement platform for managing organizational and multi-partner process and communication. A bespoke solution delivered at an off-the-shelf price and speed, meeting your exact needs!

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