Retail & E-Commerce

When we talk about Commerce, it isn’t just e-Commerce, it is the fusion of the trading worlds of online retail, social selling, physical stores and digital marketplaces.

The days of seeing a distinct divide between online and offline shopping are well behind us. Simply having a presence online is far from acceptable if you really want to compete for your market share.

There are many, off-the-shelf solutions to get you trading online, but it is essential that you address the needs of your customer, present your product in a fashion that is in line with your business ethos and drive prospective customers to your online store.

Whether you are a budding e-Commerce entrepreneur or a seasoned off-line traditional retail outfit, making the right decision early on is critical to your future successes. With the great choice in platforms, deciding upon the functionality, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) and the marketing strategy can be highly confusing.

Diving deep into user insights and trends must be something which is part of every day life when considering how to present and operate your business online. This is particularly prevalent with emerging trends associated to generational cohorts such as millennials and Gen ‘Z’. There is much confusion between the phrases; ‘omni-channel’ and ‘multi-channel’. Buzzwords are great but they don’t always translate easily. Much of the confusion around the difference of these two terminologies is testament to the speed at which the Commerce marketplace is moving.


  • Fast moving customer expectations
  • Ease of brand damaging reviews
  • Retaining and promoting repeat custom
  • Cross channel experiences and engagement


  • Big Data Analytics for enhanced consumer insights
  • Dynamic personalised user experience through insight knowledge
  • Loyalty promotion through providing the ‘Wow’ experience for users
  • Deploying emerging technologies for fresh user engagement

i5 Services & Solutions

  • Platform development for e-Commerce, m-Commerce & s-Commerce
  • Custom online store development
  • Mobile focused solutions
  • Retail Value Chain Development
  • Multi-Channel Marketplace Solutions
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications
  • Point of Sales Solutions
  • In store digital experience & kiosk interface
  • Loyalty Management Platforms
  • Digital Wallet Development

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