The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

Global market leading innovation platform, engaging the end user through a fully compliant marketing strategy and web platform.

Full brand strategy and development for coalition of private and public-sector bodies to support the G20 Global Healthcare Innovation

Multiple projects delivered for the National Health Service within the UK. Including patient Apps, Data driven reporting systems, campaign marketing and fully compliant websites.

The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sectors are amongst the fastest evolving sectors in online business. Reports suggest that over half of the UK’s Research and Development spend is absorbed by the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. The need is therefore ever growing for organisations to maintain the pace of evolution within these sectors. This is very much driven by factors such as an ageing population and the demand for more sophisticated treatments.

With technology moving at an even faster pace, many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are driven to engage with technology specialists in order to contribute to their competitive positioning. No matter if a bespoke healthcare app, product marketing or brand protection is required, the delivery by a third-party partner must be in line with the stringent compliance and quality associated to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical markets.

With the increased use of SMART technology, audience engagement is far more proactive than ever before. Embracing this is imperative for any Healthcare organisation wishing to compete in this rapidly evolving sector.


  • Multiple legacy systems which are engrained throughout the sector
  • Highly competitive market with larger organisations dominating development
  • Regulatory Compliance, both domestically and on a global stage
  • Constraint on public sector budgets
  • Shortage of suitably qualified & experienced CTO’s
  • Rapidly changing audience behaviour


  • Process improvement through innovation.
  • Digital transformation and system integration.
  • Improved engagement and communication
  • Enhanced efficacy through a multi-channel strategy
  • Legacy application modernisation
  • Route to market for complimenting services

i5’s Solutions & Services

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) for multi-lingual web platforms
  • Compliance monitoring solutions
  • Digital Transformation and Data Migration
  • Bespoke Software Development for Web & Mobile
  • Secure communication solutions
  • Digital strategy development and implementation
  • Bespoke native ‘App’ development
  • Multi-channel marketing solutions

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