Facilities Management

As a professional management discipline, facilities management providers require the most effective technology and digital solutions, to support their objective in delivering support services to their clients in an effective and efficient manner. There has been a significant shift for facilities management to be taken in-house. This results in a growing need for FM professionals and commercial teams to be supported by digital and software solution providers.

Without effective delivery the impact on the client (both internally and in a client/ supplier relationship) can be significant, resulting in commercial liabilities to the FM provider. Whether there is a need for a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or effective marketing and communication strategies, the FM world has some specific needs which must be considered.

Succeeding in an ever-competitive market requires progressive approach to technology and marketing. i5 provide a suite of solutions for facilities management clients. One size does not fit all! Tailored solutions for each client are provided at the cost of generic packages.

With over ten years of experience in providing solutions for some global leaders in this sector, i5 are recognised as a leader in innovative advances for facilities management.


  • Complex and protracted legislation, compliance & guidance
  • Need for rapid deployment of software & marketing solutions
  • Managing multiple vendors and suppliers
  • Continuity of service with high staff attrition
  • Aging inventory systems
  • Increasing security demands


  • Digitization of facilities management systems
  • Improved transparency for client / provider
  • Deployment of connected (IoT) and SMART solutions
  • Improved partner engagement & communication
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Route to market through multi-channel marketing

i5’s Solutions & Services

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) for multi-lingual web platforms
  • Compliance monitoring solutions
  • Digital Transformation and Data Migration
  • Bespoke Software Development for Web & Mobile
  • Secure communication solutions
  • Digital strategy development and implementation
  • Bespoke native ‘App’ development
  • Multi-channel marketing solutions

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