Blue Light Services

During the call for a complete reform of Blue Light Services in the UK in 2010, it was imperative the technology companies supported wherever they could. This was an exercise, which would require focused collaboration with commercial bodies and local and national authorities and governments alike.

Whether it is improving the engagement with the customer (the public) or maximising resource efficiencies, technology and digital can play a significant role in today’s public safety.

Delivering innovative technology, software and marketing services to the Police, Fire Service and Ambulance is essential in the progressive drive to improve service provision to the public. This is not limited to the UK, many of the frustrations felt in the UK are replicated across many other countries.

Whether the service is entirely publicly funded or there is a commercial model, the quality of service is at the core. Improved management, change management, data insight, service innovation or collaborative resource pooling, all must have innovation at the core.

Blue light services, for many, represent the pinnacle of efficacy when it comes to delivery. i5 have been lucky enough to plan, develop and deploy a number of high profile projects, resulting in significant KPI outcomes. This opportunity arose from over 20 years of experience at senior board level in the deployment of emergency service management.


  • Legacy systems & equipment
  • Change management & integration
  • Data integrity
  • Integrated adoption


  • Multi-agency collaboration
  • Data exchange & management
  • Improved customer engagement through technology
  • Mobile device systemisation

i5 Solutions & Services

  • Command & Control Solutions
  • Intelligence & Data Analytics System Development
  • Compliance Monitoring & Bespoke Software
  • Multi-channel communications solutions
  • System integration & Bridging
  • Multi-channel engagement through App Development
  • Customer Engagement solutions (Website, Video, AR/VR)
  • Kiosk & Interactive Digital Interfaces.
  • Multi-asset management systems
  • SMART Image Retrieval/ Monitoring

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